Marketforce 2017

Keynote presentation on content trends at the Marketforce 2017 annual conference. Short videos of this talk can be see here.

UPP, Belgium 2017

Keynote presentation on content trends at Belgium’s annual publisher conference.

PPA Retail forum 2017

Keynote presentation on audience behaviour and cover trends.

PPA Festival 2016 and 2017

Curator of UK’s biggest magazine conference. Co-ordinating over 60 separate speakers across six stages

The Buzz

Host of an all day 2015 PPA festival content stream focussing on digital trends, apps, mobile, freemium, vlogging, social sharing, digital watermarking, and more.

Monetizing Digital Media

Sold out workshops at The Media Briefing’s International conference in both Spring and Autumn 2015 and 2016.

William Reed Business Media

Keynote presentation at the 2015 editorial conference: ‘How to get more emotional engagement with your digital audience’.

PPA independent publishers conference

Host of the 2016, 2015 and 2014 multi-platform content stream.

Four trends and a truth

Keynote presentation at the 2015 PPA Independent Publisher conference.

DC Thomson

Keynote presentation at the 2015 editorial conference.

Guardian Masterclass

Guest speaker at the 2014 session of The Future Of Publishing.

Building trust in content

Presentation at the 2014 PPA Conferences in both London and Edinburgh.

Digital design trends

Keynote speaker at the Content Marketing Association’s 2014 breakfast briefing on digital design trends.