How an audience feel about a brand is always more important than what they know. The enormous range of audiences I’ve worked with has shown me that identity is key to understanding how and why people connect with content. It’s not who you think you are, but who you want to be that counts.


I take great care over brand documentation, the key to making sure stakeholders are engaged throughout. I embed early and iterate quickly – maintaining momentum and ensuring learnings from every project are fully retained within your organisation.


Good design is good business, and always has been. My 360° approach and attention to detail delivers to Steve Jobs’ view; ‘The interface is the product’. Expect brilliant logos, outstanding typography and robust templates.


I have a strong record in new product development. I’ve designed twelve successful launches in both print and digital along with over thirty major brand reinventions, winning multiple awards along the way.


The Economist, Time Inc., Bauer, Future plc, DC Thomson, The Media Briefing, The PPA and Reed Business have all commissioned design training. Every brief is different, so every course is individually created.