Art directing the world’s most famous cover


Wenner Media


Head off the challenge to Rolling Stone from new insurgent titles on the newsstand.


After taking the full time role in NYC as Art Director, I developed a more robust approach to covers and a new interior layout style without compromising the heritage and integrity of one of the world’s most famous media brands. Working with photographers such as Albert Watson, Martin Schoeller, Ruven Afanador, Matthew Rolston and others, Rolling Stone maintained access to the world’s biggest stars. Cover shoots were commissioned of Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen, Angelina Jolie, The Strokes and many more. Buzzfeed’s 15 favourite Rolling Stone covers during my tenure are here.


Sales and ad revenue increased. Twenty three merit awards and a silver medal for illustration were also won at the prestigious SPD Awards.

Jimi Hendrix, designed by Kory Kennedy and Andy Cowles
Angelina Jolie photographed by Mathew Rolston
Johnny Cash photographed by Mark Seliger
Monsters of Rock photographed by Andrew McPherson
American Icons illustration by Andy Cowles
American Icons contents page
The Olson Twins photographed by Mathew Rolston
Eminem profiled by Kelefa Sanneh
John Mayer photographed by David LaChapelle
Angelina Jolie photographed by Mathew Rolston
Britney Spears photographed by Mathew Rolston