Taking Time Inc’s content story directly into agencies


Time Inc.


Create a multi-date roadshow, taking Time Inc‘s commercial content strategy directly into ad agencies’ own offices.


This short video explained the principles of the campaign, but the roadshow itself saw a series of high-powered editor Q&A sessions run inside the agencies themselves. In addition, a radical pop-up photoshoot and design studio was built, allowing agency staff to appear on the cover of either NME or Marie Claire. Their finished cover was then sent to the social network of their choice within minutes.

The covers were all shot by Jet Media’s celebrity photographer Neil Cooper and both written and designed by me. Agency staff were asked for ‘The record that changed their life’, their favourite word, and a few of things they loved. Each shoot lasted seconds, with covers edited, written and designed in sometimes less than five minutes flat.


Aside from being fantastic fun, the covers were shared countless times, a highly targeted piece of content marketing, ensuring Time Inc. brands remained in the hearts and minds of the agencies. The show was delivered to MediaCom, Starcom, Havas, Goodstuff, Mindshare, PHD, M2M, Exposure, MGOMD, Aegis, Maxus, Mec and OMD.

Cover stars were asked for 'The record that changed their life' and a few of things they loved.
NME was the most popular masthead, with 127 different covers created.
Neil Cooper at work in the pop up studio
Neil's light made everyone look amazing
For those who didn't fancy strapping on a big red guitar, Marie Claire produced 78 covers.