Developing the biggest magazine brand in the world


Time Inc. US


Develop a new People magazine cover language and design. Produce covers for eyetracker research, and in real time for split run testing. Redesign front and back of book departments.


Working out of the People NYC offices, new designs were created and tested for all the department pages that are ad facing.

For the cover development, a variety of approaches were deployed. Workshops in NYC were run with key People staffers, then cover development was continued from the UK, working remotely to deliver designs and coverline options for split run testing.


Extensive research in retail environments resulted in the adoption of a much larger logo, less reliance on yellow, and overall, a more premium mid-market finish.

People remains one of the largest magazines in America, with a readership of over 45 million adults.

New front of book pages
New franchise presentation
New single page features
Development coverlines and new design approach