Multiplatform design guidelines workshop for Ascential


Ascential PLC


Create and deliver a full day workshop for Ascential design and content teams that show how clear design guidelines can add value to their brands


Ascential has a big spread of both insight and events brands, ranging from huge brands such as WGSN and Cannes Lions down to much smaller sites such as DeHavilland and Retail Week. So the workshop was built to accommodate that, allowing teams to move freely between their projects and others, whilst at the same time making sure all the learnings were focussed back onto their own issues.

The scope of the day was large, with logos, typography, art direction, colour, and tone of voice all covered in detail.


A huge amount of work was produced on the day, with teams asked to SWOT their own brands, work on other teams issues, and then circle back to address their own design guideline documentation. Feedback was universally positive, with almost all delegates of the view that everyone in Ascential would benefit from the workshop