How to make email newsletters really work




Re-imagine fifteen different email newsletters to clearly express an identity the audience could understand. In addition, recut the MoneyWeek logo and redesign both desktop and mobile UI.


MoneyWeek’s emails come out twice or even three times a week, offering tips on which stocks to buy and most importantly, when to buy them. Unusually, they are not free, ranging from £50 up to £3000 a year in one case. Partnering with Furthr’s Andy Pemberton, the differences between each email newsletter writer were clearly assessed.

In some cases they were value investors, in others they used technical analysis to predict when stocks would top out or hit bottom. But each time it was made very clear what they believed, high up, in the email, so that everything they wrote could be judged against it.

Due to the sensitive nature of the stock market, a lot of timewas spent figuring out the best moment for each newsletter to be released – while at the same time remaining fully compliant with finance industry regulations.


Open rates improved by an average of 10% across the board, as did new subscriber acquisitions. Given the cost of some of these newsletter subscriptions, our work had a major impact on the bottom line.

An example of the redesigned newsletter logos
Before and after