Branding for Centro, the sales data dashboard used throughout Cisco EMEAR




Create branding and comms for Centro, the internal data dashboard used by Cisco EMEAR sales teams


The development objective was to increase Cisco sales teams’ usage of Centro, a powerful, real-time data dashboard. Achieving this would improve the allocation of sales resources, align teams to the same data and speed up response times to changing market conditions. It would also reduce the sales team’s addiction to Excell spreadsheets, which are time-consuming to create and out of date just as quickly.

A brand workshop was run in London with all key stakeholders either in the room or teleconferenced from Munich and Milan. The insight from this work was to focus on individual sales’ team members sense of self-worth and accomplishment. We also wanted to suggest they should be looking at the same data sources as their boss…


The Centro logo was created using Cisco’s core content font, but with a target motif to suggest goals being well met. The staircase image invoked a sense of real-time interaction, all underpinned by the key line ‘How am I doing’. Delivery included branding for the EMEAR insights team intranet, a full set of product icons, email newsletter styling and a complete brand design guidelines.

The new logo, along with EMEAR strapline
The data dashboard splashpage
A selection from the design guidelines, showing icons, newsletter headers and more